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Word File Header Repair

Word file is created by MS Word application and all necessary details of the file like file’s beginning, etc, is saved in it’s “header.” This info is different for each file and is compulsory to open the Word file but sudden power outages, viruses and other factors can insert bad data into the header, making the entire file unreadable. Fortunately, software developers have designed a tool that repair Word file header, making documents accessible again.

Why Remo Repair Word software:

  • Easily accessible: This wizard is having self descriptive interface and user can access it in very simple way. Though, every footstep is interpreted precisely the repairing process is very handy to the users.

  • Secured application: This software is free from malicious program that harm your computer and this tool works in read only mode which doesn’t alter your files during fixing process. Thus, you can access repaired file safely.

  • 24/7 technical support: It provides round the clock assistance for customers to overcome any difficulties during repairing process.

Word document header are affected in the following scenarios:

  • Corrupt Word template: Template provides framework to the MS Word program which consist of macros, console alternate routes, writings, designing styles and much more. Sometimes, this may get corrupted due to various reasons and harms the header record.

  • MS Word damage: Added huge folders, files and different tools, and so on that result to damage the entire Word application. This type of issues causes extreme corruption  to the files and corrupt header.

  • Inaccurate Word termination: Abruptly closing MS Word, power failure, etc, when file is in use or while open can damage the header file.

  • More reasons: Improper file transfer, CRC errors, errors during moving or downloading files from the internet, and etc, might corrupt header file.

However, you need not bother about corrupted file header if you face any of the above listed issues. Because now you have the reliable resource which can be used, i.e. Remo Repair Word to resolve your problem.

How Remo Repair Word will be helpful?

This is a powerful and highly-advanced third party tool that repairs all types of DOC and DOCX files even if file header is damaged. It is enriched with numerous outstanding benefits that resolve various glitches encountered while accessing Word. It provides user friendly interface, so that every computer user can use this repair utility without any complications. Moreover, this repair tool can easily fix corrupted header files from various portable devices such as storage cards, HDD, USB drives, iPods and external hard drives.

Toolkit has the ability to repair and recovers various attributes including hyperlinks from corrupt Word files. This utility is safe to use as it extracts only contents from the source file and creates a new healthy Word file. This assure that your original contents of file remains intact, and no further damage will be caused. Once repair process is completed, you can preview the missing data that can be recovered from the corrupt Word file header and this restored file contents can be stored to any destination location accessible to the host system.


  • Use powerful anti-virus tool and keep scanning storage drive regularly.

  • Avoid improper closure of Word document and use Exit feature every time you want to close the application.

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