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What is Apple Music and How Does It Work?

A streaming music service an Apple Music allows you to listen all your favorite songs that is in the iTunes library. Simple to stream any songs on nearby gadgets with the help of Apple Music.

How do I get started?

No need to download it from App store because once you upgrade your iPhone firmware with the new iOS 8.4 version, you will automatically see the Apple Music icon under the same location where your local music was stored. After completing the upgrade successfully, Apple Music splash screen will be launched. To register the service and for all purchases the default account will be used that is the one which is tied to your phone.

Customizing the Apple Music experience

Once you have registered with Apple Music, you can customized the account by selecting genres in which you are really interested. When you find your favorite artist, to” like” tap it once and for “love” tap it twice to extend its size accordingly. To delete the artist from the list just hold down your finger for 3 seconds on the name of the artist. Always you have an option in your settings menu to go back and reset the artist cloud.

Connect to your Artists

Apple added new feature called Connect is an improvement on Spotify’s “Follow” which gives users to know artists post updates and opportunity to see new music updates looking inside what they are listening via their own account. By this Connect, artists can exclusively post pictures and videos onto their Apple page and hence be in touch with their fans through likes and comments.

Radio and available Music Library

Apple includes Beats 1 radio that will stream 24/7 and you will be able to listen songs irrespective of the place. Just like Spotify and Google Play Music, Apple allows you to download songs and albums to your phone. Those who are interested in iTunes there’s a good news that Apple Music is not a replacement to iTunes.

Subscription pricing and overall value

Apple is offering a free three month trial subscription to all the user who sign up for the Apple Music service. After which you have to pay $10 each month for the service which is same as Spotify Premium and Google Play Music Unlimited. In the free service, only streaming radio stations you can listen, selected songs for you and between each tracks you will get an ads. In case of premium service, you can listen any songs of your choice from Apple’s library, ad-free beats1 radio stations. After three months, if you don’t want to renew the service you can even cancel the subscription.

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