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Techniques to Recover Deleted Files on Windows systems

At frequent times, users come across situations where they mistakenly choose wrong files for deletion. Even you might come across one of such situation where you would permanently erase some important files on PC. It could be accidental hit on delete or delete all options or –

  • Permanent file deletion via Shift –Del keys
  • Emptied Recycle Bin
  • Formatted Partition

With any of these above operation, the files seem to have been removed completely from the system. But as a matter of fact, there are techniques that can restore wiped files on the computer.

#1 Method 1: The Windows File Recovery

There is a hidden functionality in your Windows 7 and 8 systems that can undelete the files. It is with the help of the system image; it is possible to restore wiped data.

On Windows 7 systems:

  • Go to Control Panel -> System and Security -> File History
  • On the left bottom find and click over Windows 7 File Recovery option
  • Up next a window appears where you need to click on Restore my files
  • You will then have to follow the prompts to recover files that are wiped from storage

On Windows 8 .1 and 8 systems (File History):

Your Windows 8 PC is featured with an automatic backup tool known as File History. Enabling this file history feature on your computer simply backs up the files to an external hard disk or a network drive for every 10 minutes.

  • In the Windows search box type – restore your files
  • Click on Restore option
  • Specify the filename or browse the folder location on the computer to find files from the file history
  • Click on the target file and select Restore button
  • The file is restored back t its original location

#1 Method 2: File Recovery software

There is yet another remedy for retrieving erased computer files. It is the file restorations program like Remo Recover. This tool is a complete solution to recover shift deleted files, lost documents, emptied recycle bin etc.

  • Download and install the software on your computer
  • Choose Deleted File Recovery option
  • Browse the drive location of erased files
  • Set file types to restore
  • Preview and save the files

Note that Remo Recover tool can also be used to retrieve all file types (music, photos, videos etc.) from external HDD, SSD, memory sticks, removable USB drives and all memory cards.

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