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Retrieval of data from laptop that won’t boot.

“Hi friends!! I badly need a help. When I start my laptop it is showing me a blue screen error it is not booting anymore. It just hangs as soon as windows logo appears. My data has been trapped up and I want to recover entire data which is very important to me. Is there any chance to recover my lost data. If any, kindly anyone help me out.”

Say it whether it is a need or fashion but usage of electronic devices like laptops, mobiles, tablets etc increasing rapidly day-by-day. People are not ready to stay away from their gadgets. Students, employees, house-wives every one using devices for their work, to connect to the virtual world through networking sites like facebook, twitter etc. Whatever may be their purpose but electronic devices became part of our lives. But what if these devices gives us trouble?

Usually people come across situations like their laptop got hanged up. You can power on your system but it fails to boot. Nothing could be worse than this. So your computer is dead now. You might be in a situation that neither you can handover it in any service center nor you are ready to lose your data. There could be many reasons for laptop that won’ boot. Few among them are: Virus infection, Operating system malfunctioning, file system corruption.

No worries, you can recover the data which you have lost. Try the below mentioned tips which may help you in data recovery.


  1. Boot to safe mode:

If the internal components of your system are not damages then you would be able to access your hard drive in safe mode which allows you to limited access to your operating system. With this method you can be able to find out the problem.


  1. Boot from Live CD or Windows Installation Cd:

By using Windows installation CD (if you have any) which you got it while buying the laptop else use Linux live CD. Just insert it in the CD drive, it simply starts booting your system. Once your system is booted, it allows you to access the files in your hard disk so that you can copy it to some other external storage devices.




  1. Remove the hard drive and connect it to a working system:

Connect the removed hard drive to another system which is working properly using a SATA cable or an USB cable. In fact, this is the best procedure to find whether your hard drive is damaged or not beyond repair. If the hard drive is booting up then just by using some data recovery software you can to get back all your hard drive data.


Confused about the software to be used for recovery of data? Here is the solution for that.

Remo Recover Software allows you to recover data from the laptop that won’t boot. Remo data recovery software uses effective data retrieval methods to get back lost files. Remo recover software is capable of recovering data from laptops that are formatted or repartitioned also.

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