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Recent Changes in Technology Trends

According to reports, there are plenty of chances happen in the world of technology and media. We come across number of predictions for coming year. Last year, many things in this country changes including technology.

A Thousand school IPOs can Bloom

2016 was a dismal year for commerce’s—the slowest IPO market we’ve had since the recession. However, that’s doubtless to vary in 2017.

Snap (formerly Snapchat) are going to be the primary star going public once the New Year. the corporate has already filed work for associate commerce that would price it between $25 and $35 billion that will be the third most respected market school company debut of all time, behind Facebook and Chinese e-commerce large Alibaba. If it will reach those heights, others square measure doubtless to follow, together with streaming music company Spotify, cloud storage marketer Dropbox and meal-kit maker Blue Apron.

The Internet of Things Can Die

Last Sept, some malware took management of numerous internet-connected devices, together with security cameras and DVRs, associated launched an attack that took down the web site of security journalist Brian biochemist. It had been one amongst the most important ever attacks of this kind. Ensuing month, a similar piece of malware rendered giant swaths of the net inaccessible to several individuals.

Real Internet TV can Wait within the Wings

What we need is TV that lets us watch any show at any time from any device at an affordable value. However, that’s roughly a reality. And in 2017, it’ll stay roughly a reality.

Yes, YouTube is developing a live TV package set to launch in early within the year. Hulu is doing a similar thing. Amazon is poised to enter the fray. and therefore the services can be a part of existing choices like AT&T’s DirecTV currently, that offers sixty channels for $35 a month or up to a hundred and twenty channels for $70, and premium channels HBO and Cinemax for an additional $5 a month.

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