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Procedure to Retrieve Data from Encrypted Hard Disk Drive

Can you recover data from an encrypted hard drive on Mac system? Yes is the answer. One can easily recover data from an encrypted hard drive with the help of Remo Recover software. Actually, this kind of question arises in the user’s mind when their important data has been lost or deleted from an encrypted hard drive in several circumstances. The data recovery software from Remo recovers all types of files from encrypted hard drive irrespective of the reasons behind the deletion or loss of files. Before going to know how to recover data from an encrypted hard drive, let us have a glance at the possible reasons behind loss or deletion of files from encrypted hard drive
1. Formatting the encrypted Mac hard drive intentionally or unintentionally deleted the entire data stored on it. If no backup of the files found, then it is a complete disaster to anyone
2. While executing some task using Disk management Utility, you may accidentally delete a hard drive partition, which is encrypted.
3. Installation of multiple operating system on a single encrypted drive can result in deletion of data from that respective logical Volume
4. Emptying the Trash folder, frequent power outages or fluctuations while an encrypted drive is in use, interruptions during cut and paste task, etc. are the few common reasons behind loss or deletion of files from an encrypted drive
Apart from these factors, there could be other technical reasons behind the deletion or loss of data from encrypted hard drive. Whatsoever may be the reasons, one can easily recover data from an encrypted hard drive by using Remo Recover software. Now, the question is how to recover data from an encrypted hard drive using this software

How this software works?

Remo Recover application is compatible on all major versions of Mac OS X including Sierra, Yosemite, El Capitan, Mavericks, Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, etc. and is available in free demo edition. Straightaway download and install the free trial version to know how this software works to retrieve your files back from an encrypted hard drive
1. After you launch the free demo version of this software on your system, in the main screen it has three options “Recover Files”, “Recover Photos”, and “Recover Volumes/Drives”. Among these options, hit on “Recover Volumes/Drives” button
2. Now the tool has two options namely “Volumes Recovery” and “Formatted/Reformatted Recovery”. Since, you need to recover from encrypted drive, select “Volumes Recovery” to recover data from encrypted Mac Volume. If you want to recover data from formatted Mac encrypted Volume, then choose “Formatted/Reformatted Volume” option
3. Once you select a suitable recovery mode, the software displays the list of logical drives. In this screen, select an encrypted drive from where you want to recover your data and click on “Next” button
4. The software now starts scanning the entire encrypted drive and recovers all your data files. Once it completes the scanning process, displays the list of recoverable files, which you can view in either “File Type View” or “Data View”
5. It also provides you an option to save the entire recovery process and the option is “Save Recovery Session”. So that, you need not waste your time by rescanning the encrypted drive again and again
If you want to view particular file types, you can use the file signatures option provided by the software. After viewing the recoverable files, if you are satisfied with the tool, then purchase its full edition and save the recovered files at your desired place using “Open Recovery Session” button, without rescanning the encrypted drive again.

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