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How to Fix a Corrupted SD Card?

If you are not able to access images or media on the SD then it doesn’t mean that it is gone forever. It is merely possible to bring back data from a damaged SD card by implementing smart techniques. Well, there exists different tricks and tools that will help you recover and fix corrupted SD card. Nonetheless, you should not go with any unreliable techniques and be a victim of data loss.

Furthermore, at times a corrupt SD card will prompt to format the card in order to use further. But one may not turn up to format the card when there reside some important files in it.  Basically, there are simple ways through which you can deal with a broken SD card that shows error.


Method 1: Repair SD card with chkdsk utility

The chkdsk command available on Windows OS will help you resolve any errors and issues with the SD card.

  • Plug or connect the erroneous SD card to the PC (use card reader interface or connect the device via a USB cable)
  • Open the command window (go to Start menu and type cmd)
  • Now run the command- chkdsk /X /f drive_letter: (replace drive_letter with the corresponding drive letter of your SD card)

It will take a certain amount of time to find and fix the errors on the memory card. With successful fixture, the system will return with a success message.


Method 2: Use Remo Recover to restore SD card data

Yes, Remo Recover Windows Photo Recovery is one excellent tool to recover data from damaged SD card. Though the memory card denies access to open or view the file it contains, the data will still reside on the card. Remo program is designed with algorithms that will scan the card and safely fetch all media without causing harm to a single bit of data. You can get back all your favorite media files on the SD card with minimal efforts.


Here is how to retrieve files from a corrupt SD card media:

#1. Get and install the Remo Recover Photo Recovery on your computer

#2. Make sure that you have connected the card to the PC

#3. Press over Recover Files, the option that is available on the home screen

#4. Click and choose the SD card drive for the files to restore

#5. The tool will quickly scan the card

#6. The retrieved files are now available for a preview

#7. Save the files to a suitable location on the computer


The Remo program works efficiently with all media formats of audio, picture, videos etc. You can get the tool installed on any edition of Windows operating system. In addition to this, you can implement the same recovery technique with SDHC, SDXC, MMC, xD, removable USB drives etc. Thereby, you can instantly bring back all media files in case of file errors, card or drive format, RAW card and so on.