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Fix AVI video file

What is an AVI file?

Audio Video Interleave in short AVI, is the most popular multimedia file format which was developed by the technology giant Microsoft. The most beautiful feature of this is it will support number of media players like VLC Player, KM Player, Windows Media Player, etc. without any codec issues and supports different Operating Systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux etc. It uses a most compression technique, yet maintains a very high quality.

It stores both audio and video data in one single file for simultaneous playback and stores the file with .avi extension. At times, you may find some issues while playing .avi files.  It may be because they are damaged. When you try to open that corrupted file, it may not play smoothly or sometimes it may not play at all. If at all it is some personal file which you find it as a good memory of your childhood or something like that, then the pain will be inexpressible.

If something goes wrong while accessing, transferring process and editing process of AVI file, then AVI files can easily gets damaged or corrupted. But don’t get tensed and frustrated, because you have a chance to repair that file and can make it play smoothly again. Yes, for sure you can fix the damaged AVI video file by using Remo Repair Tool.

Causes for AVI file damage:

Improper Shutdown: Certain times people will be in hurry and they shut down their Mac system improperly may result in loss of videos.

Virus Infection: Of course, Mac systems are highly secured but there are chances that your Macintosh will be prone to virus attack like phishing attacks, Trojan horses and some online frauds which results in losing of data including video files on your computer.

Improper Transfer: People will use portable data carriers like pen drives, SD cards etc to transfer their data from computer to external device or vice versa using CTRL+C and CTRL+V operations. Sudden removal of the device from computer while transferring data will cause you loss of your video files.

Errors in Programs: There are many third party applications available in online to open and play video files. But if those apps contain some bugs or errors, then it may result in crash of application which in turn causes loss of video files.

There are lots of data recovery tools available in the market, but choosing the best software has become a tough task. Don’t worry; Remo Recover is the effective solution for all your data loss problems. The software is capable to repair avi video file which were lost due to any of the above mentioned reasons.

Notable  features of Remo Recover:

  • Recovers all file types like images, videos, audios, documents with file extensions .jpg, .png, .mp3, .mp4, .pdf etc from any HFS/HFS+ file system based hard drives.
  • Tuned for all Mac OS X versions like 10.10, 10.9, 10.8 etc.
  • Restores all deleted video files with their original names.
  • Able to get back data from inaccessible, unmountable and non bootable drives.
  • Performs data recovery on hard disks, external hard disks, pen drives, iPod etc.
  • Smart enough to recover entire Mac drive or only the files you need.

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