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Executing Deleted Partition Recovery on Windows

Data loss on computers continues to be a nightmare for most Windows operating system users. In the prolonged course of computer usage, data loss may be caused as an outcome of factors such as computer virus / malware infections, hard drive partition damages, and incorrect operations, which happens habitually. On facing these kind of sudden data loss circumstances, most users feel helpless because they cannot find a proper data recovery solution which will reliably help them in recovering lost files from deleted partitions, and they will have to bear the losses brought by such situations.

Remo Recover to the rescue:

Remo Recover is a complete data recovery solution that will help users to perform deleted partition recovery on all Windows based systems. The software program will conveniently retrieve lost files of almost all file formats (300 unique file formats approx.). This data recovery software program supports file recovery on Windows XP, 2002, 2003, Windows Server, Windows Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10, etc.

Additional features:

  • Remo Recover tool can restore files on account of unintentional file deletion, partition format / deletion, partition loss, etc.
  • The software offers all users an independent recovery segment which will help them in restoring all important files quickly
  • Easy to understand and hassle-free user interface that will enable any basic user to operate the software without any problem

Read on to know how you can recover deleted partition data in Windows with the help of Remo Recover data recovery tool.

Instructions to use the software:

  1. Download Remo Recover tool on a healthy running Windows PC and the software over there. You can download it using the hyperlink provided in this page
  2. Once installed, run the software to view its main screen. Here, you will be greeted with two options namely Deleted Partition Recovery and Lost Partition Recovery. Select the option according to your data loss situation and hit Next button
  3. Next screen is about selecting the partition where data loss has occurred. Select the hard drive volume and click on Next option
  4. Now the recovery process is initiated by the software. It may take a while to complete, depending upon the size of the deleted partition
  5. On completion of the data recovery process, you will be allowed to preview all recovered contents and you can manually save the important ones back using Save option
  6. If you are using the demo edition of the software, you will still be able to preview all recoverable contents, but after that you are required to get the software registered in order to be able save those files back to any location you specify
  7. In case you choose the get the software registered later, you can always go with the option called Save Recovery Session in order to save the current recovery process and can use it to continue with the session at any later point of time

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