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Error Caused When Opening the Office Document after the Windows 10 Upgrade

Windows 10 OS is the personal computer latest OS version which is developed and released by the Microsoft, when user upgrade or install their system with Windows 10 OS then user faces some problems on Windows 10 system.

Let us discuss the problems faces by the user after the upgrade of system to Windows 10 OS:

When upgrading the older OS version to Windows 10, some files saved on your storage disk might get deleted or lost then you cannot able to find those file after the upgrade so using appropriate tool you need to recover files after installing Windows 10 on your system and save them on proper storage path.

When you upgrade the Operating System to the latest version Windows 10 then some application like MS Office won’t be compactable for Windows 10, so when you try to access the Office document you get an error message so that even you need to upgrade the MS Office to the latest version which will be compactable to work easily on Windows 10 system.

For Example, when you upgrade your smartphone OS, then you get a notification as you have few applications to upgrade. If you refuse those upgrade then those application won’t work properly on your newly upgraded OS platform, so you need to upgrade the application to the latest version for better performance. Similar way, the application and tool which you were using in older version won’t be compactable on new Windows 10 version, so that when you try to open those files and application you get an error message saying “unsupported files”, so buy upgrading the application to latest version you can perform operation in any application on Windows 10 without any difficulty.

MS Office application is the commonly used office tool by all user and each Office application version will be supported for particular OS. when you are still using old version of Office tool on windows 10 and if you try to access the office document to perform some operation then you get an error. This error can be easily fixed by upgrading the Office application to latest edition and later you can open the Office document on your Windows 10 system without any difficulty.

Some of the error occurred in Office application after the upgrade of Operating system to Windows 10:

  • In Word file you get an error message saying “Word experiencing an error, trying to open the file”
  • In MS Excel file you face an error message of “this file is corrupted and it cannot be accessed”
  • In PowerPoint file, you come up with one of the error message: “application was unable to start correctly”, “PowerPoint found a problem with filename” and “Sorry, PowerPoint can’t read the file name”

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