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Data Recovery from Thumb Drive

In these days, most of the computer users are making use of thumb drives to store their personal as well as professional data. When compared to other storage devices thumb drives has got lots of benefits, let’s see what are all the benefits of using thumb drives

  1. Faster data transfer than other storage devices
  2. It is compatible with almost all the operating systems
  3. Portable and light weighted device
  4. Thumb drives are less prone to damage issues because of absence of moving parts
  5. They serves as backup devices

All the above mentioned attributes make it as a well-known data storage device in present IT market. But still, people suffer from data loss issues from these thumb drives as a result of several events

Possible factors that cause data loss from thumb drives:

Abrupt Ejection: Most of the times, thumb drives gets damaged due to its improper usage like abrupt ejection from the system without following correct procedure. Ejecting thumb drives from the system in non-safer mode can damage the device. Also abrupt ejection of thumb drive from the system during any read/write operation can cause data loss

Obstruction during cut and paste operation: Cut and paste is the most familiar file moving option. However, while using this option during transferring files from computer to thumb drive or vice versa, if any interruptions occur, then probability of losing your data will be high

Unintentional formatting: When your thumb drive is plugged into your system via USB port, you may think of formatting your computer hard drive and by mistake you may format your thumb drive, due to which entire data saved in thumb drive will get erased

Other factors: Some of the other factors responsible for the loss of data from thumb drives are accidental deletion, file system corruption, severe virus attack, deletion by third party tools, etc.

Remember these things to stay secure:

If you want to prevent data loss from thumb drives, follow below mentioned safety measures

  1. Scan your thumb drive with perfect antivirus tool, every time you connect it to any computer
  2. Create a one or more copies of your vital files in order to avoid data loss problems
  3. Always use “Safely remove hardware” option before you eject your thumb drive from the computer

Even after you followed these measures, if you come across any of the data loss issues, then do not worry, just take the help of Remo Recover software to revive data on thumb drive in few easy to execute steps. You can adapt this software on Windows 10, Windows8 and 8.1, Windows 7, Vista, XP, Windows Server 2003 and 2008, Windows 2000, etc. , as it is compatible with all editions of Windows OS. The advantage of this software is that it can recover data off thumb drive, pen drive, memory cards, external as well as internal hard drive, and other data storage devices with utmost ease.

Features of Remo Recover tool:

  1. Remo Recover utility works on read only mode, and so it does not make any changes to the contents of original files, thereby recovers all the missing or deleted files safely and securely
  2. Provides an option to preview the recoverable files in File Type View or Data View prior saving them at your desired location
  3. “Save Recovery Session” option in demo version saves your valuable time, as you need not rescan your thumb drive again, while running the licensed edition of the tool and so you can save the recovered files directly using “Open Recovery Session” button
  4. More than 300 types of files such as pictures, videos, music files, PowerPoint files, Word documents, spreadsheets, system files, games, PDF files, etc. can be easily recovered with this software
  5. Recovers missing or deleted data from formatted, reformatted, corrupted, and damaged all kinds of data storage devices in hassle free way

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