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Quick Format vs Full Format – What’s the Difference?

Formatting a hard disk You might format your drive due to various reasons such as while reinstalling OS or getting rid of format errors, etc. While formatting disk on Windows PC, you might come across Quick Format or Full Format option. Here, you may get confused on which to choose and how to use. What’s

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Enhanced Gmail Features to Outlook for Mac

Microsoft recently announced that it would bring Google Contacts and Calendars to the latest version of Outlook in the year end for Mac systems. However, Outlook tool for Mac already working on Gmail account but as emails clients only. With the updates, you will use Gmail accounts in order to maintain contact database as well

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Excellent Software for Repairing MOV Mac

MOV is a popular file format proprietary to Apple Inc., which can be widely used for animation, video, virtual reality (VR) content, graphics, 3D videos, etc. QuickTime player is built into all Mac computers and Windows computer which use .mov as its native file format for saving video files. Its ease of share and transfer

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