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CHKDSK: What is it and how do I run it?

CHKDSK tool is used to check the integrity of disks and to correct some of the common errors on FAT16, FAT32, and NTFS drives. Check Disk locates errors by comparing the volume bitmap with the disk sectors assigned to files in the file system. However, Check Disk cannot repair corrupted data but it can run

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Software to Perform Media File Recovery from Hard Drive

Hard drive is data storage device used to store or back up important files such as media files (pictures, audio and videos), compressed file, PDF, PSD, Office document file, etc. Sometimes due to human errors such as accidental deletion, formatting, etc. files including media files from hard drive get deleted or lost permanently. In such

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How to Recover Data From Crashed Hard Drive

So you got your Windows computer crashed, now want to recover the valuables from it. In this case, you need to use crash data recovery software which recovers the data from crashed hard drive. Remo Recover is a tool which is specialized in recovering data from different types of hard drives in different states. Even

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Professional Tool for Laptop Hard Drive Recovery

“The other day when I was using my laptop, suddenly power surge happened. As it was a quite common thing that happens every time I was not much concerned at that time. But yesterday when I try to open laptop it is showing some error messages and I came to know that I have been

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User Friendly Tool to Recover Data from Western Digital drives on Mac Yosemite

Western Digital drives are the portable external drive manufacturing brands. People usually use this lightweight product to store their important data, files, and any other documents. There are various products and model available for these WD drives like WD Elements Desktop, My Passport, My Passport Edge, WD My Book Thunderbolt Duo etc. WD drive is well

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Executing Deleted Partition Recovery on Windows

Data loss on computers continues to be a nightmare for most Windows operating system users. In the prolonged course of computer usage, data loss may be caused as an outcome of factors such as computer virus / malware infections, hard drive partition damages, and incorrect operations, which happens habitually. On facing these kind of sudden

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