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Quick Format vs Full Format – What’s the Difference?

Formatting a hard disk You might format your drive due to various reasons such as while reinstalling OS or getting rid of format errors, etc. While formatting disk on Windows PC, you might come across Quick Format or Full Format option. Here, you may get confused on which to choose and how to use. What’s

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What Are the Different types of Viruses on Computer

Viruses do come in many forms and they will ultimately affect the functionality of your system in either of the ways. But if the virus infection is much severe then it will be responsible for creating massive havoc to the system. This article will help you in figuring out the most common computer viruses along with

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How to Repair Document File after Recovery?

Have your document file get corrupted after recovery using unreliable software? Are you looking for software to repair damaged Word file after recovery? If you are under similar condition then don’t worry just read this article to fix Word file. When document file get deleted or lost from any data storage device then you employ

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Recovering Data from Dead Memory Card

The memory card is useful and low-cost data storage device that is most widely used in cameras, mobile phones, music players, and other gadgets. One can add or remove files from memory card without spending much time. At the same time, memory cards has some limitations and one such limitation is that they can get

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Procedure to Retrieve Data from Encrypted Hard Disk Drive

Can you recover data from an encrypted hard drive on Mac system? Yes is the answer. One can easily recover data from an encrypted hard drive with the help of Remo Recover software. Actually, this kind of question arises in the user’s mind when their important data has been lost or deleted from an encrypted

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Tutorial to Recover Data from Drive Showing Wrong Capacity

It is very common with the data storage devices that you purchase different spaced drive but the Windows explorer is showing wrong capacity. It wonders you about the remaining storage space of the drives. It is mainly due to few reasons such as explorer is showing wrong space, formatting overhead, hidden partition recovery, etc. Let’s

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Error Caused When Opening the Office Document after the Windows 10 Upgrade

Windows 10 OS is the personal computer latest OS version which is developed and released by the Microsoft, when user upgrade or install their system with Windows 10 OS then user faces some problems on Windows 10 system. Let us discuss the problems faces by the user after the upgrade of system to Windows 10

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How Kaspersky System Checker Scans Your Windows System

When you are not able to perform normal works on your system and facing some error such as system freeze, file damage, error message when try to open some important file and some more. This type of issues usually occurrs in your Windows system, when there is an issue with the hardware component or most

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Enhanced Gmail Features to Outlook for Mac

Microsoft recently announced that it would bring Google Contacts and Calendars to the latest version of Outlook in the year end for Mac systems. However, Outlook tool for Mac already working on Gmail account but as emails clients only. With the updates, you will use Gmail accounts in order to maintain contact database as well

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Method to Organize your Images with Apple Photos

Capturing images with iPhone would be a great experience to anyone, but at the same time finding those pictures on your Mac system could be a difficult task. Luckily, now with Apple’s Photos for Mac OS X provides numerous methods for organizing your photos easily and quickly. IPhone comes out with a feature that helps

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