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Accidentally Erased Photo Recovery from Memory Card

“Few months ago, I had been for an excursion with my family. During my journey, I had visited several important places and captured some pictures. All those photos I had stored onto a memory card. Well recently, in order to view the photos I plugged my memory card to computer. There were few junk files, so I decided to erase them from it. While erasing, I made a mistake and deleted few essential photos. Those picture files were very important for me, I don’t even a backup of them. Therefore, I want to recover those deleted pictures now, can anyone tell me how do I recover them.”

Are you too have caught in a similar sort problem? Do you want to recover accidentally deleted pictures from memory card? Then, don’t worry. Make use of Remo Recover app, which is an efficient tool and is capable of recovering accidentally deleted pictures from memory card with a great ease. The software is highly powerful; using which one can recover all types of media files in few moments. With the help of this recovery app you are able to recover different types of picture files including JPEG, PNG, TIFF, GIF, etc. Apart from pictures, it could be used to recover different types of media files which include music files, videos, PDF, PPT files, Word documents, etc. In a very limited time frame, it could recover all the files onto your memory card. Remo Recover app has been designed by experts and comparatively it’s quite influential when compared with other tools. Apart from recovering accidentally deleted pictures, this amazing tool can be used on different scenarios of pictures deletion. Following are some of those cases.

  • Formatting: If memory card that contains important pictures is formatted, then entire data that’s been residing into it will get vanished in few clicks.
  • Antivirus Erasure: Virus when enter into your memory card, it will infect pictures and other stored data. In order to remove virus from memory card, you might make use of antivirus tool and scan the card. During scanning, the antivirus tool will delete infected picture files.      
  • Mishandling of Memory Cards: Memory cards have to be used in a proper manner, they are not more than just semiconductors. Suddenly plugging out the card from its host device, ejecting the card from PC when pictures are accessed on it is like mishandling of memory card. If you do so, then picture that have been stored on memory card becomes inaccessible and ultimately get lost. Even in this circumstance you could make use of Remo Recover utility and get back your picture files.

Other than these, there few more scenarios where you can make use of Remo Recover application for getting back the pictures that had been deleted from memory card.

Terrific Features of Remo Recover Application:

Remo Recover application incorporates an influential scanning engine, using which it profoundly scans entire device in few moments and will restore accidentally deleted pictures from memory card. This amazing app can be installed on all latest versions of Mac OS including Mavericks, Yosemite, Lion, Mountain Lion, Snow Leopard and Leopard. It is compatible with all major versions of Windows OS as well. You can employ this tool on all types of memory cards including SD card, MMC card, CF card, etc. In addition to memory cards, it supports various other secondary storage devices including USB flash disks, memory sticks, external hard drives, FireWire drives, internal computer hard disks, etc.

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